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Hany’s - Sandwiches,Wraps,Salads

American Specialty is a marvelous opportunity to explore Tex-Mex, the popular fusion of Mexican and American cuisines. We desire to provide an array of products that cater to this cuisine on a wider platform. The popularity of the cuisine gave us the idea of coming up with a new brand for Tex-Mex cuisine.

The evolution of American Specialty is a boon for the food lover who does not identify herself or himself as a chef or someone who’s great in the kitchen; not even someone who’s a food critic but simply as a food lover, an enthusiast for mouth-watering preparations. American Specialty is the vehicle to get Tex-Mex cuisine reach the world through cuisine houses, restaurants, coffee shops and hypermarkets across the globe. From chilli and nachos to fajitas and enchiladas, Tex-Mex could be called the ultimate comfort food.

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